hello again.

hello blog. how's it going?

its 1:11 AM on june 3, 2008 and i thought that i would introduce myself again. i don't know what it is about online journal or blog type things, i can never stay interested long enough to diligently write in them every day. but, being unemployed and all has given me a lot of time to think about things and re-examine my life as it is. i want something to look back on in a few years and laugh at. either that or something to reminisce about. also, i want something that keeps track of interesting things found on the interweb aesthetically related, mostly.

wow. i am a college grad. i am really getting old. i now have a BFA in design and printmaking. w00t. o here are some pictures of my thesis project. i designed and produced a series of 16 artist books examining social aspects of contemporary web culture. i completed my thesis project in one semester, and it was a shit ton of work. in the end i had an amazing show and it was so worth it. i have been contacting gallery directors in the buffalo area lately about getting into shows, and today actually i was invited to have work shown in an altered book show at the impact gallery in downtown buffalo. i also entered two of my books in a juried show at the kenan center in lockport. hopefully i get into that show, there are some decent cash prizes.

speaking of cash, i need a job. really bad. i had a decent shot at getting a job at crowley webb and associates in buffalo doing design and print production (mostly production, now it seems) but was rejected. turns out they hired their intern because he/she had more production experience. they had me come in for a day and test what i knew and they paid me for it. i thought i did pretty damn well too. o well. i am hoping for bigger and better opportunities.

i have three other job prospects at the moment. one is at partners + napier in rochester, the other at wynne creative group in buffalo and the third i was called about today is at mason selkowitz mcdermott an advertising agency in penfield outside of rochester. i am waiting on a second interview at partners + napier, which is pretty much my top choice at the moment. its a huge nyc-like ad agency where the creative department is divided into teams which deal with specific clients individually. i remember the person i interviewed with there mentioning there are 24 creative directors there! holy hell. anyways i really like the atmosphere there and it would be a great place to start my career. i had an interview last week at wynne creative group in buffalo. my MOM works there. the position i interviewed for is an art director. rob wynne the principal told me that he didn't limit the experience for this job opening, just because he wants to see everything out there at the moment. he told me that he would cater the position to the experience level of the person he hires. the good thing about this job would be i would be able to jump right into the creative process more than most entry-level positions. rather than getting stuck doing mechanicals and ad resizes for a few years, i could start concepting for logos and creating ads right away! the third position i dont know much about yet. i saw an ad posted on adhub for an entry-level design position at mason selkowitz mcdermott in penfield, ny. i checked out their website, and they seem to have some decent clients. i totally judge agencies by their website, and theirs is pretty damn nice, really. my interview is this tuesday at 11am. hopefully this ones a winner!

i am really hoping for anything at this point. i am sick of waiting and not having an income. bills are due and payments need to be made. there is no time for this uncertainty. plus i need to save up and move out of my house. i am kind of getting sick of living in constant scrutiny of the parental unit.

hmm. its almost 2am and my eyelids are closing. hopefully i can stay tuned into my blog and write more often. it feels good.