$50,000+ in student loans later...

yeah, so i have a BFA degree and all and i am back to working a part time job! whoo hooo. at least in the meantime while i find a real design job somewhere...yeah. target! i am working in the softlines dept...which is basically clothing and accessories and what not. at least i will be surrounded with great design while i fold and sort clothing!

i am setting up an interview at a big agency just outside of washington DC in rockville, md in a week or so...they are flying me out there and everything!! exciting! i haven't been on a place since 1998! so lame, i know.

i am also setting up some freelance work with the nyc office of hill & knowlton. i spoke with them this past friday about a possible job opening. turns out they just started up a special in-house design dept,. within their marketing firm. they were impressed with my work and want to see how well i work with them before making any decisions. if i do get hired i would be moving to either nyc or chicago!

last week i also found out that i got work accepted in the biannual niagara frontier art exhibit at the kenan center in lockport. the show is juried by the curator of the burchfield-penny art gallery. i had 2 book projects chosen (both spam books and both wood covered books) chosen...2 out of 54 other pieces by 38 other lucky artists. hope to win some $$$. would be nice!

anywho. thats all.