paul rand's headstone

The iconic Paul Rand was one of the most prolific and influential graphic designers of the twentieth century. His treatise Thoughts on Design changed the way we look at pictorial identity. He passed away in 1996 leaving an enormous legacy and body of work. While visiting his site today I saw his headstone and thought how a design could be so befitting for such a great innovator. Rand’s name and life dates chiseled on a cube of marble sits askew on a cube of granite inscribed in Hebrew—it’s perfect and designed by Fred Troller, a pioneering Swiss modernist designer, and also a past faculty member from my alma mater, School of Art & Design at Alfred University.


o advertising.

i don't know how i feel about these ads i came across today...kind of effed up....they do have shock value though, i will give them that.

more here...


a book i NEEED.

ugh i cannot wait to get my hands on this book.


RIP oliver.

Oliver (1996-2008)

bye baby. i will miss you.



i love and utterly despise the internet at the same time.

its a great tool for communication, however totally lame and inappropriate for certain forms of communicating. take for instance cutting ties with a lover or significant other. It is totally passive to use the internet as a tool for breaking it off, rather than sucking it up and dealing with the confrontation.

in short, you suck.


brian dettmer altered books

a fellow xacto knife pro? check these out, they are incredible...

holy awesome books.



To me, the master of modern stop motion is film maker Adam Pesapane (aka PES). He can do more with a matchstick and a bag of candy corn that most film makers could hope to with a full crew and million dollar budget. Perhaps necessity is the mother of invention in his films, but he uses his remarkable skill and ingenuity to take the most innocuous household items and turn them into something outstanding.

hmmm how do they know?

came across a press release posted on the alfred university site about me...i can't figure out how they found out about this?!

read it here...

christoph niemann

absolutely in love with the illustrations done by cristophe niemann!

see more here!



excellent use of an electric six song. disturbingly humorous however.